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At Ben Morven Estate, we craft our wine by drawing on both new world and traditional viticulture and winemaking techniques.


Our aim to capture the essence of each growing season in a limited production of fine wines from our boutique family vineyard means no two vintages are alike, and we have the chance to celebrate the differences.

We invite you to explore our wines, experience the uniqueness of each season and see for yourself where they transport you.




What makes our approach to wine unique


We are a boutique family vineyard located on Ben Morven Road, in Marlborough's Fairhall/Omaka region of the Southern Valleys. 


Ben Morven comes from the original Scottish name of the hill located directly to the south of our property, Beinn Morven, which means 'big peak hill'. 


The beauty of calm mornings, intense summer sun, fresh sea breezes, stunning sunsets, and crisp star-filled nights provide us with the ingredients for something special. By harnessing these unique traits, we can concentrate the features of each vintage and transform them into fine wines.


We believe extraordinary wines are made in the vineyard, not with alterations in the winery. Only this way can we produce wines that represent the unique personality of each Marlborough growing season.


With the mindset of having our vineyards for future generations, we are continually developing our viticulture program to help our vines express their true selves in the unique soils and climate of Ben Morven Estate. 


We aren't afraid to experiment with new, research-based viticulture practices. We also draw upon our 20 years of experience growing grapes on our particular soils to ensure our vineyards will be around for years to come. 


Our vineyards are all certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.


We are a small team working towards quality rather than quantity. We take a hands-on approach and love that we get to produce wines from the grapes we have tended during the growing season. 


Our production is limited, which guarantees the excellence of our work. You acquire a crafted product and support a small kiwi business by buying our wine.

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